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Staying on top of fleet maintenance has never been so easy

FleetCheck -Fleet-Compliance

About FleetCheck

FleetCheck’s acclaimed Fleet Management software is easy to use, with a flexible user interface that gives structure and support that any operator can rely on. By integrating with over 250 data streams, the platform enables businesses to get a complete overview and the ability to handle their fleet tasks efficiently, whilst embedding a robust audit trail to underpin their legal requirements. FleetCheck automatically imports mileage data from Teletrac Navman for accurate management of fuel, lease vehicles, service advisory and maintenance schedules.

  • Stay abreast of maintenance needs
  • Obtain automatised MOT and Road Tax data imports
  • Advanced fleet management reporting

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Fuel Card Integration



Fuel card integration offers a complete picture that helps to conquer the challenges surrounding increasing fuel costs. With a range of advanced MPG analysis tools, management are better placed to understand which vehicles and drivers are consuming more.

  • Protect your business against increasing fuel prices
  • Utilise an insightful MPG analysis tool
  • Visibility over fuel usage

Traffic Light Alerting System



Businesses get the complete picture concerning upcoming events regarding vehicle maintenance, insurance and all other fleet related tasks. With the robust FleetCheck solution, companies can confidently address their duty of care responsibilities, giving them peace of mind that their vehicles are safe, legal and cost effective.

  • Delivers a clear audit trail
  • Ensure legal requirements are met
  • Identify any issues with legal compliance quickly

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FleetCheck provides an advanced solution to assist with licence checking, fuel savings, fleet documentation and policy and strategy implementation.

The integration with Teletrac Navman delivers a tailored solution for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

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