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With a comprehensive fleet management platform, managing a fleet’s finances becomes a seamless task. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR provides insight on fleet trends, fuel costs, expensive audits, and more, giving your business the information and tools it needs to make sound financial decisions. With this data, businesses can determine the monetary impact of driver behaviour, vehicle-to-job assignments and routing decisions.


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How can I complete more jobs in one day?

With DIRECTOR, businesses can access a real-time view into their vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Routing tools allow dispatchers to easily send destinations straight to drivers' in-vehicle tablets. DIRECTOR also provides live traffic updates to ensure drivers are sent the most efficient routes possible.

DIRECTOR also provides a Find Nearest feature, which locates the drivers closest to a provided address, geofence, or other driver. This process allows fleets to complete jobs quickly and with a minimum spend of resources. Geofences within DIRECTOR also help boost profitability by marking the most critical areas for the business. Managers can monitor the time spent within these boundaries to determine if drivers are giving attention to the right jobs.


Goefences filter driver locations by site type for efficient dispatching.

How can I reduce travel time between job sites?

See all driver locations and statuses to determine availability for jobs.

All of a company’s assets are ready to be managed in a single window in DIRECTOR. With the interactive user interface, users can perform quick search and filtering capabilities to quickly identify current statuses, available hours, and location of assets to ensure resources are being allocated in the field efficiently. A user can also identify and dispatch the closest available field technician to a service call in order to optimise routing and decrease stops.

DIRECTOR easily integrates with leading routing and scheduling software, giving you planned vs. actual reports that show the difference between how a job was scheduled and how a job played out. The reports help dispatchers identify inefficiencies plaguing the fleet and adjust routes and assignments accordingly.

How can I reduce fuel costs?

DIRECTOR provides comprehensive reports that gauge how much fuel is burned per vehicle to help businesses save on unnecessary expenses. The idle time report gives users an in-depth view of all idling per vehicle by location.

For a deeper view, DIRECTOR collects travel distance, average speed and fuel used within a selected date range for a drill-down approach into a specific vehicle’s inefficiencies. Users can also receive alerts of unsafe driving habits per driver, including harsh acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking that indicate excessive fuel use. Drivers can further understand their own behaviour patterns with the Event Viewer, which replays unsafe and inefficient events. More informed and better trained drivers can curb habits that burn excessive fuel.

Determine the root cause of excessive fuel use broken down by activity.

How can I keep track of my workers’ time?

See how drivers' time is being allocated to spot inefficiencies.

DIRECTOR’s suite of reports and compliance solution provide users with a full picture into safety and performance across the fleet. Status reporting allows fleet managers to view days and time when workers take lunch breaks, are on duty, and log off for the day. These reports can be run on an individual driver or fleet-wide basis.

Business and private mileage tracking allow users to distinguish when vehicles are utilised for business purposes or private use. Vehicle usage reports monitor asset utilisation by time on job site for accurate daily measurements. These tools shed light on how drivers use the company's time, both on and off the job.

Am I utilising my fleet to its full availability?

DIRECTOR’s usage reports detail how long each vehicle is used, where it goes, and who drives it. Engine hours reports ensure accurate billing for usage time. ConEx and PTO reporting detail which parts of a vehicle are used when, helping determine if a vehicle is capable of doing more.

Managers can also see which vehicles are not being utilised, helping steer fleet-rightsising discussions. Additionally, managers can correlate drivers’ behaviour to unproductive actions, such as idling and unsafe maneuvers. These actions can prevent a vehicle being used to its full potential. DIRECTOR provides the tools needed to steer driving coaching, helping eliminate inefficient habits and creating a stronger fleet overall.

Ensure that every vehicle is used to its fullest potential on the job.

How can I reduce the potential of expensive fines?

Make sure every driver's status complies with regulation.

To combat potential audits and fines, DIRECTOR integrates with top workflow and logistics providers to connect vehicles and asset data across platforms. From Google Maps to ProMiles, DIRECTOR’s alliances help fleets stay within government regulations.


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