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5 Reasons to Invest in a Van Tracking System

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Data Blocks

Key Takeaways

Van tracking devices and comprehensive van tracking systems can help fleet managers optimise their fleets in terms of operational efficiency, cost savings and customer satisfaction. With the right custom vehicle tracking system, businesses will gain access to valuable and actionable data that can simplify decision-making processes. Here are the key reasons why a van tracking system is a good investment for any van fleet.


What Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking is a collection of tools and processes designed to give fleet and operations managers detailed and accurate information about their fleet. Using satellites and cellular technology, these tools can provide information about vehicle location and related factors like speed, usage time and fuel consumption. With this information, managers can create data-driven performance metrics to maximise profitability for their fleets.

Van Tracking System

Five Reasons Why Van Tracking Devices Are Good for Business

A van tracking system can revolutionise an organization’s approach to fleet management. These are the top five reasons why van tracking devices are great for businesses of all sizes.

1. Real-Time Location Tracking

Van tracking systems provide up-to-the-minute location tracking for every vehicle in your fleet. This gives fleet managers unprecedented insights into vehicle use. By knowing where a fleet’s resources are located, a manager can optimise routes for reduced fuel consumption and increased driver productivity. This real-time data is also invaluable in the event of accidents or breakdowns, allowing for less downtime.

2. Driver Monitoring

Van tracking devices can do more than just monitor the van itself. These integrated systems allow for detailed tracking of driver performance, including speeding, harsh braking and excessive idling. This information can help identify potential inefficiencies pertaining to vehicle use, fuel waste and any possible safety concerns that need to be addressed quickly. From there, data collected can be used to create performance goals and measure activity to ensure positive changes are being implemented.

3. Improved Maintenance Scheduling

With detailed usage metrics like engine hours and miles traveled, van tracking systems can make it easier for fleet managers to schedule maintenance before problems arise. Van tracking devices can also generate real-time alerts when metrics such as engine temperature or oil pressure fall out of optimal ranges. This can help keep vehicles in favorable operating conditions and prevent many costly breakdowns and repairs. By properly maintaining a fleet, the life of each vehicle can also be significantly extended.

4. Better Customer Service and Satisfaction

With van tracking devices installed, fleet managers have access to the operational visibility needed to improve customer communication. This can take the form of more accurate delivery estimates, status updates or improved service during peak shipping times such as holidays. With more accurate communications, businesses are able to build rapport with their customers for increased satisfaction and repeat business.

5. Significant Cost Reductions

The most significant benefit of a van tracking system is arguably its ability to reduce business costs. Optimising routes and reducing idling  can lessen fuel costs. Improving driver behaviour can avoid unexpected insurance premium increases, and a preventative maintenance schedule can reduce overall operating expenses over time. These cost savings can then be reinvested into your fleet with capital improvements such as transitioning the fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) and other long-term growth strategies.

Invest in Van Tracking

Create a Custom Van Tracking System for Your Fleet

Get the valuable insights you need to create a data-driven van fleet. With a custom van tracking system from Teletrac Navman, your fleet managers, business owners and other decision-makers will have the information they need to build a better fleet.

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