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Teletrac Navman

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No Obligation Fleet Management Pilot


Realise the potential of your business

Make real-time, data-based decisions that help your organisation work more efficiently 

We're offering a no-obligation pilot, totally free of charge across any type of mobile asset and hardware-software configuration


Our fleet management solutions are trusted by more than 50,000 companies around the world and track more than 500,000 mobile assets. Try first hand for yourself, just why they chose us. 

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Work Smarter

For many organisations - both private and public sector - time and financial pressures have accelerated a move to smarter ways of working by adopting digital transformation. 

Today, businesses are under increasing pressure to maximise resources, make more informed decisions and eliminate poor performance. 

This is why Teletrac Navman's technology can revolutionise your business. 

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See it for Yourself

We believe that there really is no better way to realise the benefits of a Teletrac Navman fleet management system than to experience them first hand yourself - so we're offering a no-obligation proof of concept pilot, totally free of charge. 

From in-depth consultancy and pre-tender guidance (market testing the right specification to meet your needs), to market-leading products, expert implementation and first-class training, see for yourself why a pilot of our system can be the first one of those smart decisions - the first of many.

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Put Safety First

Our technology helps you track more than just your vehicles. High Definition (HD) Data shows you second-by-second movement of anything from trailers and ride-on mowers to gritters and refuse collection vehicles - and even maintenance equipment - so you can monitor and more importantly, improve asset utilisation. 

Safety Analytics combines HD Data with locations, speed and G-force to help in accident reconstruction or in identifying harsh cornering, braking or speeding, to prevent potential accidents and reduce maintenance costs. 

Why not try it - free?

Pilots can range from one vehicle over two weeks to multiple vehicles across an extended period of time, and for the pilot you'll have full training and access to all of our services, as you would if you were a customer; you'll also receive examples of ROI reporting, to help you with your subsequent business case and procurement process

Revolutionise your business 

Harness the power of digital transformation

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Our fleet management platform and tools enable every vehicle to easily be fitted with PINPAD Driver ID Immobilisation, to ensure that only those authorised and with the correct licence can operate your assets, also reducing admin time and hardware costs and maintaining Health and Safety compliance 

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While our system gives you accurate real-time insights, our fleet management platform brings it all together using an intuitive smart interface to let you generate your own custom built reports, allowing you to set performance targets, identify exceptions and spot trends within your fleet, all in the exact way you want to see it


By streamlining operations, making sure drivers are using the most efficient routes and maintenance is carried out at the right time, you can be sure to improve your fuel economy and reduce your environmental impact, even more crucial for businesses operating in the UK in order to comply with government led clean air schemes. 


We're always with you on the journey 


Prior to implementation, our Professional Services team will offer you a consultation free of charge to help identify the most appropriate specification to help you optimise the results from our solution. You'll have a dedicate Account Manager who'll conduct regular reviews and make sure all users are fully trained as necessary, together with our dedicated Customer Support team. 

We'll collate management information into specific ROI reporting too, so you can track the improvements. What's more, our Professional Services team can even help you develop Driver Information and Coaching Plans too. 


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A flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing – I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made.

- SUEZ Customer Case Study

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DIRECTOR is the perfect solution for our business as we now have complete visibility of our fleet, so we’ve been able to improve our daily operations and dispatch jobs as efficiently as possible. 

- E-Zec Medical Transport Services Ltd Customer Case Study

AI Case Study

Time is a critical factor for all participants in the construction process, so it’s crucial that we avoid and minimise time and costs overrunning in order to meet the needs of our clients.

- Aggregate Industries Customer Case Study



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