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New Podcast Series - Mobilizing the Future of Fleets: Episode 5: Transportation Trends and Alternative Energy FAQs Click Here to Watch

The Power of Behavioural Change in Energy Transition

Mobilizing the Future of Fleets: Ep. 4

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Join us for a Episode 4 of the “Mobilizing the Future of Fleets” Podcast, exploring the impact of behavioural change on the success of a mixed energy future.

Here, our Podcast Host, Barney Goffer, sits down with Professor Colin Herron CBE from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, and Nate Valaik, Director of Strategy for Alternative Energy & Sustainability Fleets at Vontier, United States, to discuss different model shifts from traditional fuel to alternative energy sources, and challenge conventional thinking to explore the necessity of reimagining our approach to energy consumption and transportation.

In this Episode 4, the group look at the role of mindset shifts in embracing emerging technologies and the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on driving behavioural change. With this, viewers are encouraged to look beyond the present and envision the transportation landscape of the future, considering the evolving dynamics of energy consumption and the critical role of behavioural change in shaping a sustainable and successful mixed energy future.

Don't miss this dynamic exchange between Barney Goffer, Professor Colin Herron, and Nate Valaik as they navigate the intricacies of transportation infrastructure and alternative energies, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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Barney Goffer, Teletrac Navman - Host & Product Manager - Fleet Energy Solutions



Professor Colin Herron CBE, Newcastle University - Professor of Practice

Nate Valaik, Vontier - Director of Strategy - Alternative Energy & Sustainability Fleets