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About Praiso

Improved driver behaviour means your drivers and the roads they’re driving are safer, which also enhances your brand reputation. An industry first, the award-winning cloud-based learning management solution from Praiso helps you better manage driver risk by using AI software to turn raw telematics data into a personal digital driver coaching system.

Praiso’s SaaS delivery model operates across all platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices like phones and tablets. Drivers can easily switch between devices to complete feedback and interactive training.

Praiso is a must-have tool for drivers of all vehicle types including cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles.

It’s your chance to set a new benchmark in road safety using responsive, impactful technology.

Making safety more effective

Running interactive campaigns and learning programmes, Praiso uses engaging gamification technology to tackle driver engagement, compliance, safety, and duty of care.

Praiso becomes each driver's digital coach making them safer, smarter and more effective. It uses real-time telematics data and transforms it via our ground-breaking interactive expert campaign and messaging content delivery software to improve every driver's performance through learning management and behavioural change techniques.

The driver dashboard delivers at a glance key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to all relevant objectives and business processes.

Praiso partners vehicle telematics and artificial intelligence, transforming them into proactive coaching messages, support programmes and remedial campaigns.

Award-winning driver behaviour content as standard

Interactive, entertaining, educational and gamification-themed expert content underpins our ground-breaking proposition.

Praiso's extensive library of digital content has been developed by a team of internationally recognised expert driver coaching specialists. We take your current telematics data, interrogate, decipher, and translate it into expert, interactive, digital driver training insights and coaching.

Uniquely, you can extend Praiso's library with your own driver training content to cater for specialist equipment or bespoke training needs, providing an even more tailored solution for your specific operation.

If you're a driver training content provider, Praiso offers you an exclusive platform to modernise the delivery of your services to your customers. Get in touch to partner with us today.

Krispy Kreme Case Study

Before Praiso was implemented Krispy Kreme’s National Transport Manager, Ben Povey, identified driver behaviour as an area of focus. Krispy Kreme holds driver safety and well-being above all else, as Ben explains, "It's always safety first. We encourage our drivers to arrive at their locations safely, with a smile on their faces to deliver fresh doughnuts to our valued customers." However, it was a challenge to maintain a reliable and effective method of communication with his team, the service Krispy Kreme used previously provided Ben and his team with several sophisticated KPIs and data tools, but it lacked efficiency at getting the vital information to their drivers quickly.

Ben said, "It was more time consuming and less effective" because the process was heavily reliant on two people being in the right place at the right time. Supervisors wanted to streamline the communication process to their drivers, so they received support and up to date information efficiently.

Continue reading the full case study with Krispy Kreme here.