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Teletrac Navman

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Data Blocks



FleetWizard supplies innovative software solutions for all aspects of the transport management life cycle. When combined with Teletrac Navman, a comprehensive one-stop solution can be achieved.

Comprising of 3 main components, the FleetWizard product suite offers a comprehensive “order to invoice” Transport Management System, Cost Optimised Routing and Scheduling software and an ePOD mobile working application.

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Accommodate business requirements 


FleetWizard’s automated planning tool, CORAS optimally creates trips and assigns resources in a fraction of the time of a manual planning process.

CORAS is highly flexible and configurable to accommodate operational requirements. All routes adhere to time and location constraints so your business can always plan to succeed.

Be proactive


A workflow-driven mobile app enables you to execute your transport plans in the field and capture real-time information such as POD’s, exceptions, signatures, accidents, with daily vehicle walk-round check as standard.

With this tool, you can proactively monitor your fleet activity without being physically on-site.

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