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Data Blocks

TMS Solutions Built to Serve the Unique Demands of Your Business


Aptean is a leading developer of advanced Routing and Scheduling, Route Execution and ePOD software, proven to meet the challenges of transport operations across the globe

Aptean Routing & Scheduling helps takes the heavy lifting out of your daily operational processes, including route planning and proof of delivery, as well as accelerating growth strategies such as enhancing your customer service proposition or allowing you to win more business using the same resources. The advanced Aptean TMS platforms enables you to review daily distribution performance, deliver excellent customer service, improve operational performance, and put your transport operation in the spotlight to help unlock your true potential

Key Benefits

Optimise Route Planning. Reduce Costs. Deliver Exceptional Service

  • Reduce transport costs by as much as 30% with optimised route plans that cut miles and maximise vehicle utilisation
  • Outpace evolving customer demands and enhance service levels with later order cut-off times, reliable delivery slots and automated communications
  • Lean into green by burning less fuel, replacing paperwork, and reducing empty running
  • Streamline final mile processes to make drivers happier, improve productivity and enhance the customer experience
  • Achieve a cycle of continuous improvement with strategic planning capabilities to identify areas for strategic improvement across operations, territory coverage and transport infrastructure

Key Features

Route Planning Features That Drive Measurable Improvements:

  • Automated Routing: advanced route optimization algorithms help you solve a wide array of routing scenarios to tailor results to match your specific operational requirements
  • Resource Managed Planning: innovative resource management functionality ensures plans are based on actual driver and vehicle availability at an individual level
  • Integrated Fleets: plan vehicle resources across multiple sites as a single integrated transportation resource to maximise efficiency and fully utilise fleet capacities
  • Reporting & Analytics: incorporate comprehensive business intelligence functionality to produce robust and customizable reports that help identify meaningful trends and support continuous improvement
  • Customisable Routing Rules: allow your planners to incorporate their local knowledge into final route plans by setting up configurable rules and zones to reflect specific business requirements
  • Waypoint Mapping: feed plans into your driver or vehicle navigation system to provide turn by turn instructions that match planned routes and schedules
  • Real-time Optimisation: create feasible delivery options to help influence customer choices to increase your drop density, drops per vehicle and ultimately your bottom line

With the best TMS software at your disposal, your delivery operation can be a powerful vehicle to deliver game-changing customer service, dramatically reduce costs and drive growth for your organisation