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EV Management Software to Support a Sustainable Future

From knowing when to switch to electric vehicles, through to managing your operations; EV telematics is essential to fleet management.

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Electric Vehicle Management Software

Reinvesting in the future of your fleet

From workflows and compliance to battery range and total cost of ownership: our telematics platform tells you when to switch to EVs, guides you through the conversion process and helps you manage your entire fleet every step of the way, all in one platform

EV Fleet Management System Features

One thing’s for certain: change takes time.

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Where to start

It’s not realistic to expect operators to overhaul their entire fleet at the touch of a button. Before making the move, businesses need to understand how feasible it may or may not be to electrify their fleets.

To help guide you through this first piece of the puzzle, we've built our EV Readiness Tool, which predicts which vehicles in your fleet will be ready to convert from petrol or diesel, to electric and when.

It uses the up to date analytics of your current fleet state, and allows you to confidently plan your entire vehicle conversion in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, ideal for Transport and Logistics businesses.

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The right choice for you

We offer completely independent vehicle recommendations from all OEMs, meaning that you will always have the most up-to-date electric vehicle options available for you to choose. From electric vans, to truck hybrids!

Our EV Readiness Tool analyses this list, and suggests which vehicles may be the most suitable for you to invest in, taking into account their purchase price, range, battery and body type. But it also goes one step further, advising specifically how many of each vehicle you would need as well. 

What's more, these recommendations are pulled quickly and easily as part of your report, meaning there's no need to visit multiple comparison websites or waste resource as part of your research. 

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Fleets can lead the way

A recent report states that if all 5.3 million fleet vehicles were to switch from internal combustion engines to electric, we would see a saving of as much as 30 million tonnes of CO2, equating to roughly 25% of all UK transport emissions.

An enormous number, and one which we delve into more detail here. Though the question on the minds of fleet managers here is more often than not: "what does this look like for my business?"

The EV Readiness Tool can tell you exactly that. It uses its sophisticated AI technology to deliver a report based on the total environmental benefits you would see by switching to electric; from reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption savings. 

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Confidently plan the installation of EV chargers

A common concern that comes with the adoption of electric vehicle is "range anxiety": the worry that an EV will lose charge before it reaches its destination. 

For many UK transport businesses, drivers are often commuting to and from the office, as well as their home address - this in itself is a difficult decision to make, as a business must determine where to install its EV charges to make them most effective.

The AI technology which powers our EV Readiness Tool means it works out the complexities for you - considering installation and maintenance costs, as well as local charging points. Not only does it detail exactly where to install your charges, but also which fleet charging units will be the most suitable. 

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Calculating a 5 year forecast

Powered by a sophisticated AI engine, our EV Readiness Tool determines the total cost against moving from ICE to electric vehicles for you, giving you complete visibility of any direct or indirect costs without you having to run the numbers manually.

It uses your existing fleet data to predict a 5 year forecast, clearly outlining where your best efforts should be focussed in order to structure your EV conversion in the most cost-effective way.

The 5 year plan also means you're able to avoid switching vehicles at the wrong times or unnecessarily, not to mention investing in new ICE powered vehicles with a limited lifespan. In other words, it provides the perfect sustainability plan for switching to an electric fleet, with the accurate stats, dates and savings to back it up.

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Find the perfect fleet management software

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you in to the future

Introduce a green fleet

Make your first move in switching to an electric fleet today

  • Use existing fleet data
  • Detailed reporting
  • Immediate actions
  • Quick analysis time
  • No consultancy fees
Reinvest in the future of your fleet

Ideal for Transport businesses operating in the UK in the public sector

  • Build a cost-effective transition plan
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Confidently install EV chargers 
  • Accurate TCO analysis
  • Independent vehicle recommendations from all OEMs
Electric Vehicle Telematics

Rest easy knowing your converted fleet is managed all in one solution

  • Simple user interface 
  • Group vehicles by EV types 
  • View remaining range
  • Monitor state of charge
  • See battery reduction in %

EV Management Software 

Why should I choose an electric fleet?

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Global annual sales of new electric vehicles has now passed the £1,000,000 mark as - much like we see almost daily in UK transport news - government bodies across the world put them front and centre of their carbon emissions reduction strategies. 

Car pollution is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and quite simply, there will soon be no other choice than to operate electric vehicles.

More importantly, while the public have previously been the main focus of the efforts to migrate over to electric, fleet operators are now top of the pile given their usage of Britain’s transport network and impact on current emission levels. 

Consultant (1)

Building a sustainable transition plan from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to EV is not a quick task. It takes time, a carefully structured forecast and confidence in knowing your business will benefit from the investment. 

More often than not, time and money is spent with consultants in trying to form these plans - researching and manually analysing heaps of data. But what if all of that work and all of those complexities could be worked out for you, in less than 48 hours? 

Introducing: our EV Readiness Tool. Find out more today by booking a demo with our team, and discover just how easy it can be to start your move to a green fleet.

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A recent report states that if all 5.3 million fleet vehicles were to switch from internal combustion engines to electric, we would see a saving of as much as 30 million tonnes of CO2, equating to roughly 25% of all UK transport emissions.

A commissioned study also found that almost 30% of fleets are already using EVs, whilst 46% have confirmed plans in place to convert to EVs, and 16% actively having discussions today.

Out of those who have not yet made the switch, 50% noted that in five years’ time they can predict they will have, with 35% committing to a two year transition plan – all well in time for the official ban against sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles in 2030.

Hero Compliancemanager

The total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle will be much less than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine – the cost of electric, maintenance, tax and the residual loss of vehicle value are all much lower.

But there is also a heightened environmental awareness amongst consumers and businesses alike, who are actively seeking information on the green credentials of any brand or business, the provenance of goods, the methods of production, how they’ve been transported etc.

If you can be seen to make a positive step in tackling a major polluting part of your business, it could potentially pay dividends for maintaining existing contracts and picking up new ones in the future.



Connecting your vehicles to your fleet management software

Teletrac Navman hardware is easy to install in all your equipment.

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Plug-and-play devices to start tracking assets instantly

Managed Install Hardware 255X140

Managed Install

Hard-wired, tamper resistant devices for your most valuable assets

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IP67 rated for hard-working equipment and long hauls

Battery Solar Powered Hardware 255X140

Battery & Solar Powered

GPS tracking for non-powered assets

Your Success 

We're with you every step of the way

Software alone isn’t the answer; we're here to work with you. Our professional teams are on hand to help you with getting to grips with our system, whether that be added training, customer support, or simply to talk you through fleet set up and reporting. Any questions you may have about your fleet management software we'd be happy to help. 

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We trialled one or two products in the past but weren’t happy with the service. We decided to go with Teletrac Navman because of their driver ID feature and the user-friendly software.

- Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

The workforce has responded so well to our Managing Director’s challenge to improve driving standards and be more efficient with our fleet operations, that our fuel card supplier contacted us to ask whether something had happened within business!

- Petroassist UK

Teletrac Navman won us over with a flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing – I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made



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