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Katem Logistics: Keeping It Personal at Scale

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Katem Logistics is a family-owned business with a storied history in haulage, renowned for its sterling reputation in the UK and Europe. Since 1995, they've been committed to providing a personal touch that truly sets them apart. Through adept integration of digital processes into the core of their business, they not only expanded their operations but also maintained the distinctive personal touch that sets them apart.

With this focus the Katem team have been able to grow by 18% over the last 12 months and have big plans to continue their digital transformation journey so the business is ready for the next generation.


With 50 tractor units, 100 trailers, and a sprawling 100,000 square-foot warehouse, Katem Logistics operates on an impressive scale and recognised the need to modernise their operation. The team turned to telematics as the main ingredient for progress, placing a premium on data and operational insights to fuel their expansion. They implemented workflow applications to streamline processes, transitioning from paper-based methods to efficient digital platforms and the change seen by Deputy Managing Director Matty Chaganis has been significant. “The team has really embraced the new technology. We have simplified processes for our drivers, and they now feel empowered and responsible for performance.”

The integration of the digital inspection app with the workshop's maintenance workflow is one area where the team are seeing real value. They can now swiftly respond to maintenance needs across their extensive fleet, helping to ensure they fulfill their duty of care to drivers while keeping their fleet in optimal condition. The team have also adopted the dedicated messaging app that is facilitating seamless

communication with drivers. “The technology has proved invaluable,” comments Matty. “We can now issue return instructions to all drivers heading back to the warehouse and confirm it has been received and read.

“Looking ahead, we plan to expand our use of the workflow apps to further enhance data capture so we can develop an advanced driver rewards program.”


Like most transport operators, fuel is one of Katem Logistics' most substantial expenses. Transporting heavy loads over considerable distances means monthly fuel costs of over £130,000, even with a commendable fuel consumption of 9.5 miles per gallon. With real-time access to driver performance insights, the Katem Logistics team have been able to identify opportunities for improvement and are focused on changing behaviours including speeding, acceleration and idling. At the centre of this is the TN360 insight engine, which is something Matty has high praise for. “The visual data representation makes it easy to understand driver performance and has enabled us to make improvements to our training program, which is a big area of investment for the business.”

This continued investment has seen Katem Logistics bring in a new driver trainer who is now tailoring dedicated programs, guided by the driver performance data. As a result, they are well on their way to achieving a 10% reduction in fuel use, a development that promises significant savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

The technology has also helped to safeguard the business against several not-at-fault insurance claims, with connected cameras protecting drivers and their insurance claims history. Matty commented “In one instance we were able to prove that we were not at fault, saving us over £4,000.”


In the notoriously competitive transport landscape, Katem Logistics has been able to grow by demonstrating their commitment to best-in-class processes, including effective management of driver hours and programs that support environmental sustainability. Their progress is underpinned by digital transformation, which is helping them to win new contracts and continue their impressive growth. Matty concludes, “The access to real-time driver hours data has helped us ensure that we are effectively and safely managing our driver's time. Being able to showcase this alongside the improvements we’re making with environmental sustainability puts us in a great position to bid for new contacts.”

Katem Logistics' rise to the top tier of the logistics industry highlights the transformative power of digitisation. Their evolution is a testament to the value of embracing technology and innovation in a business steeped in tradition. Plus, they can maintain their trademark personal touch as they focus on building for the next generation.