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Fleet Management Resource Library

Staying on top of the latest fleet management and telematics trends could be a daunting task but the resource library below could help. From ebooks to white papers, the resources below are aimed to provide you actionable insight so you can better manage your fleets and business.

Ebooks / White Papers

The Future of Fleet Management

Learn what the future holds for fleet management

Telematics Benchmark Report

Learn about the latest trends in the telematics industry

Construction Benchmark Report

Learn about the latest trends in the construction industry


Most Dangerous Roads

Find out which are the most dangerous roads in the United Kingdom

How we could save your fleet £4,259.10

Is reducing costs across your fleet is important to you?

20 Driving habits you'd never know are illegal

What are the road laws you might have been breaking without even realising?

Fortive Day of Caring 2018

Every year, Teletrac Navman employees participate in the Fortive Day of Caring

The Global Carbon Footprint of Transportation

Cars, trucks, buses and heavy machinery contribute to the largest share of greenhouse gasses

The True Cost of Ignoring a Road Safety Strategy

Don’t be fooled into thinking that road safety is simply about ensuring people don’t get hurt and vehicles don’t get damaged

What is Telematics for the Construction Industry?

Our 2019 Benchmark survey asked construction industry professionals around the world to share their challenges.