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UK Road Safety Data Dashboard

The ultimate resource for traffic, weather and regional road safety statistics


---- Best viewed on a desktop ----

Road Traffic Accident Rate by Region

A detailed overview of regions with the highest and lowest recorded accidents

Hover over the map to view severe accident rates by key areas and find out which areas are seeing accident volume and severe accident rates increase and decrease. Break this down by vehicle type to see the data for commercial and non-commercial vehicles.


Severe Accident Analysis

A breakdown of severe accidents split out by vehicle type, road type, speed limit and urban/rural

Severe accident rate was 25% in 70mph zones compared to 33% in 60mph zones. Take a look through the data and add filters to see other results you may not expect.

Driving Conditions and Rush Hour Analysis

An overview of driving conditions by weather, road surface and lighting, plus a detailed look at how rush hour traffic impacts accident volume and severe accident rates.

Typically we think of heavy rain, snow and high winds as the most dangerous conditions to be driving in, but the data shows that there are other weather conditions where you are just as likely to have a severe accident. Use the filters to explore the data more.

Road Traffic Accident Data for the 3 Largest UK Cities

An instant breakdown of how London, Manchester and Birmingham vary by number of road traffic accidents and severity. Cities are defined by postcode groupings (see definitions).

All notorious for heavy congestion, one-way streets and its many roundabouts, those local to London may assume it to be the most dangerous city. However, the data shows that actually, the severe accident rate in Birmingham is actually much higher.


At Teletrac Navman, we understand that having fleet management software that delivers the most accurate data in an easy-to-digest way, is essential. To us, data is always at our very core, and we're constantly looking for new and innovative ways to extract it in the best way possible.

This dashboard represents exactly that - an exceptionally detailed data set built into an easy access resource. Now, users don't need to decipher Excel documents or lengthy reports, and instead can drill down into the exact data they need in just a few clicks. Key definitions and data resources are listed below.

Region Grouping
Regional grouping is based on a best fit model between local district authority to county, and county to the 9 regions of England, and Scotland and Wales.

Severe Accident Rate
The sum of serious and fatal accidents (defined as severe), divided by the total number of recorded accidents

Vehicle Type
Vehicle categories have been grouped into types using the structure documented below:

Rush Hour
Rush hour times are defined as 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm weekdays only. Other times outside of this period are classed as Non-Rush Hour

Time of Day Grouping
The time of day grouping splits the day into 6 even segments as outlined below:

City Grouping
City grouping is based on the postcode area code definition below:

Weather Category Adjustments (wind)
Categories 'Fine', 'Raining' and 'Snowing' include values with and without high wind

Current Resource Used
Utilises UK Local Authority Code (ONS), to map to UK County. UK County is grouped to the 9 regions of England, and Scotland and Wales.
LSOA to Post Codes
Utilises UK Road Safety data's Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) of Accident Location to Post Code Indices
Road Safety Data
Raw data output of accident and vehicle information
Accident & Vehicle Data Lookup
Indices for the raw data output of accident and vehicle information