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AU - International Business Times - Australia & New Zealand Fleet Management Report 2024
A report highlighting analyses the latest developments on the commercial vehicle telematics market in Australia and New Zealand.
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AU - Press Release: Teletrac Navman Debuts IQ Camera; Expands Line of Video Telematics Solutions
Teletrac Navman is launching its IQ Camera, an AI-Powered Dashcam which allows fleet managers to have a unified view of their data as well as their footage
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AU - Press Release: New Campaign Highlights the Cost of Non-Compliance in Heavy Vehicle Operations
Teletrac Navman is campaigning to highlight that compliance with safety regulations is part of the responsibility of every person within the business.
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AU - Rising costs driving fleet management evolution finds global Teletrac Navman survey
A Teletrac Navman survey of over 1,800 operators has revealed that rising fuel costs, COVID-19 disruption, and supply chain pressure are top challenges faced.
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AU - Teletrac Navman leads Queensland's transition to Smart On-Board Mass and Telematics Monitoring Application
Global telematics specialist Teletrac Navman will assist transport operators across Queensland transition to new and improved Smart OBM and TMA.
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AU - Have we forgotten how to drive? Removing your post-Covid blind spots
With technology, businesses can help fleet vehicles operate in safer conditions by accessing the benefits digital transformation can have within their operation
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AU - Going The Extra Mile - International Women’s Day Special
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AU - Teletrac Navman Launches AI-Powered Smart Dashcam in Australia
Announcing the Smart Dashcam, that uses the power of edge computing technology to capture and analyse footage in real-time for safer road outcomes.
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AU - Teletrac Navman announces launch of new TCA Type-Approved device
Teletrac Navman releases the VT102, a TCA Type-Approved telematics device powered by AI-enabled fleet management software.
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