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AU - Dynamic Business - How can we personalise our interactions to meet customer needs better?
“Taking a customer-centric approach isn’t new, but the way you use the new technology available is," says Andrew Rossington from Teletrac Navman.
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UK - Trucking Mag - Preparing for the Direct Vision Standard
From October 2024, the minimum DVS rating for HGVs entering and operating in Greater London moved from one star to three stars which was a significant...
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UK - Transport Operator - Keeping compliant with Teletrac Navman
Teletrac Navman has detailed the advantages of its TN360 platform, which provides compliance tools that help drivers stay in line with the law through connected in-vehicle devices.
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UK - Press Release - Using data to aid road safety during the winter months
The UK’s changing weather conditions will always affect road safety for motorists, and no time is this truer than in winter. The dark nights and more adverse...
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UK - Press Release - Why green will be the next tick box for procurement
By the end of the 2020/21 budget, local councils across the UK will have collectively spent nearly £50bn in public money, something that comes with high...
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UK - Press Release - The role of procurement in the shift towards electric vehicles
The impact of Covid-19 has shaken our society to the core over the past twelve months. However, the threat posed by global warming has not gone away...
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UK - Press Release - EV transition eased by advanced fleet data analysis
Electrification has emerged as the most popular technology for chasing reduced emissions. The challenge is to be ready for the government’s plan to ban sales on new petrol and diesel vehicles.
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UK - Press Release - The power of tachograph realised in COVID era
During the national lockdown, as demand for goods shot up, the government extended the amount of time drivers could operate their vehicles to ensure medical...
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UK - Press Release - Don't idle in fight against air pollution
Air pollution is a hot topic for all fleet managers, drivers and pedestrians and the current Covid-19 pandemic has only thrown the issue back into the spotlight
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