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Using Technology To Take A Pro-active Approach

Teletrac Navman – at the forefront of telematics technology for more than 25 years – has partnered with industry experts to produce a free downloadable guide to help fleet managers understand the role technology has within fleet risk management.

                                                                                                    Puzzle Truck


Available to download now, the technology to piece together your fleet risk management puzzle explains how technology solutions can play a vital role in delivering a successful fleet risk management strategy. 

The guide offers top tips on how to catch maintenance issues before they cause too many problems as well as advice on how to optimise licencing checking procedures. Other areas focus on how to ensure drivers keep within the speed limit, how integrated dash cams can be best utilised and ways to get the best in-vehicle feedback.

Each section of the new guide ends has a ‘Top Tip’ as a succinct and thought-provoking reminder.

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing at Teletrac Navman UK, commented: “Managing the risk associated with operating a fleet is a complex puzzle, but one that is worthwhile taking the time solve.

“Businesses that do so stand to gain not just in terms of enhanced fleet management, but with a forward thinking approach that tends to spill over into other areas of the business, making for a more adaptable and robust company.

“Our new guide shows that by employing the appropriate technology, risk management becomes a common sense and a pro-active part of a fleet business. It provides accuracy, the ability to audit more effectively and can bring down costs in certain areas.”

Notes to editor:

The Fleet Risk Management Puzzle is available to download at: http://www.teletracnavman.co.uk/fleet-risk-management-guide-download


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