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Press Release - Building a Business for the Digital Generation

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With worker shortage remaining an ongoing issue in the construction sector, Teletrac Navman’s Marketing Director, Peter Millichap, talks about why businesses should adopt new technology to help with finding, retaining and developing talent.


Milton Keynes, October 29, 2019 - As polarising as the Information Age has been with those who cut their teeth in traditional industry, the simple truth is that we now have a generation who have grown up with digital technology, living an ‘always connected’ lifestyle. This holds myriad benefits for any business, but only if they are suitably prepared to embrace this generation’s digital skills set.

Often referred to as digital natives, this group are the future leaders of industry. Indeed, they have a very different outlook on life, particularly in relation to how communication should be facilitated, how processes can and should work, and where technology should play a part. The onus is firmly now on the construction industry to understand how to attract and harness this pool of talent, and technology should play a pivotal role in any strategy.

Through our annual Global Construction Benchmark Report, we recently found that nearly a third (29%) of organisations in the sector are committed to investing in finding, retaining and developing talent – creating the right structure, with the right colleagues to deliver against business objectives is still a challenge. To help the cause, 28% are integrating technology into their current systems, and 25% are upgrading their current equipment to be current and improve efficiencies.

While the emergence of digital natives presents opportunity to potentially build a workforce of analytically-driven, efficient and technologically-minded colleagues, businesses need to carefully consider not only the adoption of technology within their organisation, but also the type of technology they introduce to ensure it meets expectations. This generation’s digital upbringing means that they actively seek data and expect platforms they interact with to feedback instantaneously – choosing the right software and hardware is, therefore, an important decision.

Software development has moved at an incredible pace over recent years, so incorporating something that will quickly become obsolete, clunky and inefficient to use will likely hinder recruitment and retention rather than support it. It’s paramount that businesses consider technology that has the capability to remain relevant over an extended period of time, or a technology partner that provides a business model which includes continually updated products.

Finding a partner with a proven track record of successfully guiding businesses through a digital transformation will pay dividends in ensuring you’re set-up correctly to future-proof against the needs of the next generation – getting this right will build reputation to help with recruitment, as well as embed the talent you have.

The digital natives will inevitably deliver a new vision of automation and AI in the construction sector, where efficiencies will grow exponentially. The businesses that will succeed, will be the ones who give them the right tools to realise this.




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About Teletrac Navman:

Teletrac Navman is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider leveraging location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets. With specialized solutions that deliver greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics, Teletrac Navman helps companies make better business decisions that enhance productivity and profitability. Its fleet and asset management technology uncovers information that would otherwise go unseen, helping customers reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty. It tracks and manages more than 500,000 vehicles and assets for more than 40,000 companies around the world. The company is headquartered in Glenview, IL, with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. For more information visit 

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