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Teletrac Navman Customers

Aggregate Industries

As a business that revolves around its customers, Teletrac Navman worked closely with Aggregate Industries to provide the perfect solution to meet the needs of the business. 

  • 100% by-the-minute visibility of 1,160 vehicles 
  • Rise in customer satisfaction with the ability to share fleet visibility data
  • Quarterly driver and transport manager reward programmes leads to improvement in staff morale and driving standards

Access Mobility

As a business that deals with vulnerable members of the public, Access Mobility is subject to stringent compliance measures and is answerable directly to Transport for London’s Public Carriage Office.

•    Increased visibility of company fleet, including a reduction in out-of-hours vehicle usage
•    Improved communication and customer satisfaction rates with users of its services
•    Improved driver performance – 80% reduction in incidences

ARB Recycling

As a business that has many drivers and assets on the road at any one time, as well as a large  customer base that require timely pick-ups to avoid cluttered environments, ARB needed complete visibility of its fleet in order to deliver on its customer service goals, while also making operational efficiencies.

•    Becoming a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company for being one of the fastest growing privately owned businesses in Britain in 2018
•    100% increase in visibility of who’s driving a vehicle and where each vehicle is 
•    42% reduction in vehicle maintenance costs

Beatties Distribution

While every telematics business offers vehicle tracking, Beatties instead needed a partner who could help them get telematics hardware to effectively interact with their package tracking interface – something that sounds relatively simple to do, but no one seemed to have the capabilities. 

•    Customer satisfaction scores improve by 75%
•    The time efficiency of logistics jobs improve by 50%
•    Insurance premiums reduce by 15%

Direct Link Express Deliveries

Direct Link Express Deliveries operates out of two locations in the South East of England and offers traditional nationwide courier and delivery options, as well as a range of premium services from packing and assembly, through to the installation of new plant and equipment.

  • With a fleet of 41 vehicles, finding efficiencies and maintaining control is critical
  • Also installed dashcams and audio recording across the fleet
  • DIRECTOR app is proving especially useful


As a business that ensures its customers reach and exceed their goals through use of its technology and customer support, Teletrac Navman provided a fully integrated solution (software and hardware) that revolved around its award-winning DIRECTOR platform.

•    DIRECTOR establishes platform to build training programme to improve driver behavior
•    Smart Telematics functionality helps reduce fuel spend 
•    Average fleet driver score increase from 82% to 90% thanks to driver scorecard system

E-Zec Medical Transport Services Ltd

E-Zec is obliged to have tracking installed in each of its vehicles, so it can monitor response time to ensure industry standards are met, and to provide evidence of non-liability if accidents occur.    

•    Reduction in overall fleet costs by 10% as a result of improved operational efficiencies 
•    Reduction in insurance premiums by 15% as a result of partnering telematics data with dashcam footage
•    Improved driver behaviour by 10% as a result of tracking driver performance Improved driver behaviour by 10% as a result of tracking driver performance

Graham Environmental Services

Graham Environmental Services (GES) is Scotland’s preferred and biggest independent pest control firm, with vast experience in managing pest problems in residential, commercial and industrial environments. The family-run, award-winning business covers the entirety of Scotland, with 53 vehicles currently in its fleet.

•    100% track record of meeting all contractual SLAs due to increased to-the-minute visibility of its fleet
•    A reduction in maintenance events by an estimated 25% thanks to better planning, leading to improved vehicle uptime as a result
•    An estimated 10% reduction in fuel consumption due to better route planning and job assignment based on fleet visibility

Highland Surfacing and Contracting Ltd

As soon as Highland Surfacing and Contracting Ltd made the decision to invest in more small construction plant vehicles, its insurance premiums increased due to both the high value of the assets and the industry-wide issue in theft of those particular vehicles.  

•    100% by-the-minute visibility of its 34 vehicles 
•    The ability to share that visibility with customers for better customer service
•    Reduced overall fleet costs as a result of improved operational efficiencies 

HTS Property & Environment Ltd

As a new business, HTS was under pressure to drive cost savings and streamline operations in order to achieve long-term success. 

  • 99.47% average driver performance rating, exceeding the company’s set target of 97% 
  • A Silver Green Apple Environment Award for ‘Environmental Best Practice’ based on improvements made to driving styles in 2018 
  • The Gold Fleet Safety 2018 RoSPA Award for recognition of its practices and achievements in helping staff and contractors travel safely  

Latta Hire

Portable toilets are essential for agricultural operations, particularly during busy peak periods, such as harvest season, when farmers and contractors regularly work round-the-clock in rural and remote areas.

  • 100% increase in visibility across its fleet of portable toilet units and vehicles  
  • An estimated 10% reduction in fuel consumption due to better route planning and job assignment based on fleet visibility 
  • Streamlined processes and overall improved efficiency 


As with most public sector and private construction jobs, costs are heavily scrutinised. Leedale was finding that its customers in both sectors were beginning to query the charges they were receiving for vehicle hire, duration of use and fuel. 

  • Provide 100% fair and accurate charges to its customers 
  • Improve the productivity of its workforce by 75% 
  • Improve the redeployment of its fleet by 30% 

New Milton Sand & Ballast Co.

NMSB wanted to increase the visibility of its fleet so that it could improve customer service and provide better informed guidance on the whereabouts of deliveries and other services. With building environments also highly hazardous, ensuring its drivers and vehicles contributed positively to creating a safe environment for all stakeholders by remaining compliant and accountable, was of paramount importance to the business.

•    Ability to view location of every vehicle in its entire fleet by the minute
•    Improved delivery times 
•    Improved driver behaviour and reduced insurance premiums 

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service covers an area of almost 900 square miles with a population of more than 1 million people. With such a wide area to cover, a fleet of 45 vehicles and 1000 employees with access to them, visibility of the fleet and drivers is paramount to ensure efficient delivery of services.

  • Digital driver ID system
  • Fleet size reduced by 25%
  • Simplified vehicle booking system

Petroassist UK

Petroassist’s customer base is diverse and widely spread across the country, from city centre forecourts to rural petrol stations. Keeping track of where its field service engineers are based each day is paramount in ensuring it can service customers efficiently and dispatch jobs to the right colleague.

•    Fuel consumption down by 10% 
•    Poor driving ‘events’ as logged by DIRECTOR reduced by 43% per week
•    ‘At fault’ insurance claims reduced by more than 50% year-on-year

OCS Group

Operating support vehicles at large, international airports is a complex and dangerous undertaking. In order to ensure vehicles and drivers can operate in a safe and compliant manner, OCS Group required complete visibility of its entire fleet. 

  • 100% visibility of its fleet’s performance 
  • Evidential proof in the event of any incident 
  • Improved customer satisfaction  

Robert Heath Heating

Before installing telematics, RHH suffered from a general lack of visibility of its fleet’s performance, which led to costly inefficiencies across the whole business and meant the daily co-ordination of drivers was an arduous task.      

•    Average fuel saving of 10% across its entire fleet
•    Driver behaviour monitoring reduced accidents by 60% 
•    Improved customer satisfaction ratings across the business

Shetland Island Council

Teletrac Navman introduced a comprehensive fleet telematics package for Shetland Council in late 2016, and the software is already yielding results for one of the most isolated communities in the UK.

  • Improved customer service
  • Protection for drivers in remote areas
  • Camera technology helping to promote better driving


SUEZ can manage anything from 50 to 150 household waste collection requests per day from the local authority, and once a driver accepts a job they have a four-hour window to complete it, otherwise the business receives a penalty. 

•    100% increase in visibility of where each vehicle is 
•    Significant reductions of fines since the solution was installed 
•    Improved vehicle utilisation allowing the business to increase the number of deliveries by 37.5% per vehicle, per day