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Fleet Management for Passenger Transport Industry

Always on time. Exceed customer expectation and build a reputation for reliability

Build safety into all your daily work and create an environment to raise your bar above industry standards. Manage driver behaviour and utilise data to enhance the efficiency of your business, and ensure that key SLA’s are being met.

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Control Fuel Spend

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR provides bus and coach operators with the tools to improve driver behaviour and take control of fuel spend. Monitor every aspect of every journey to ensure your fleet is running economically and CO2 emissions are reduced.

  • Encourage outstanding driver behaviour.
  • Improve driving effciency and reduce fuel spend.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to reducing CO2.

Offer Exceptional Service

Access key information about fleet activity and deliver on commitments to your customers. Whether running fixed stop or national travel, Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR will keep your business and its customers informed. Respond to on road incidents quickly and ensure your vehicles are always on the right route, at the right time.

  • Get the information to ensure you deliver on customer commitments.
  • Keep your business and customers frquently informed.
  • Ensure your vehicles take the best route.

Safety as Standard

Manage and track the maintenance needs of your fleet in one easy to use interface. Introduce daily vehicle checks and build an audit trail to demonstrate your commitment to vehicle safety. Never miss an MOT or service and protect your business from un-planned costs.

  • Give your engineers the tools to run daily vehicle checks.
  • Get access to an instant audit trail of completed maintenance.
  • Complete all required maintenance ahead of due dates.

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