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Teletrac Navman

Fleet Management Software Pricing

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All available with access to AI Insights and an extensive suite of Mobiles Apps, as well as direct integrations with Zappier and IFTTT. 


Introduce AI and machine learning to your daily fleet management with a sophisticate model designed to help you turn data into decisions.

  • Realtime fleet tracking
  • Quick view dashboards
  • Geofence monitoring
  • Instant insights
  • Productivity reporting
  • Amazon Alexa integration
  • Live drone view
  • Exception Alerts

An advanced package allowing you to change the way you look at your fleet with a single click, touch or swipe. Everything in TN360 Starter +

  • Driver scorecards
  • Driver app
  • Vehicle performance management
  • Posted road speed
  • Safety analytics
  • Enhanced insights dashboard
  • Maintenance and driver management
  • Diagnostic trouble codes

Our premium fleet management solution, tailored to your business and customiseable to meet your every need. Everything in TN360 Pro +

  • Electric vehicle charging status
  • Compliance insights dashboard
  • Safety insights dashboard
  • Fatigue management & tacho
  • Driver ID
  • Pre-tip checklist
  • Professional services*
  • Complete AI insights

Key Features

Learn about these key features

Your people are your most valuable asset, that's why our solution allows you to monitor driver behaviour and promote safe driving via our driver scorecards.

When an accident or safety incident occurs, you’ll know exactly what happened thanks to dashboard cameras and real-time alerts. It also gives you the power to track and record risky or unsafe behaviours such as sharp cornering, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking in a clearly visualised dashboard.

All built into our easy-to-use platform, Driver ID allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from enabling the most efficient routes that reduces miles driven to keeping fuel costs low, as well as providing valuable insights to ensure you’re offering the most valuable driver training programmes possible.

Benefit from reduced equipment downtime with our real-time alerts, reminders, and diagnostic reports.

Our advanced fleet maintenance modules offer alerts when there is excessive fuel use or idling, plus comprehensive reports provide a paper trail of all maintenance and inspections. It also means you can ensure your equipment and vehicles are operating at top performance - the best way to mitigate safety incidents and unexpected maintenance issues. Then, with built-in engine diagnostics and the ability to monitor mileage and engine hours in real-time, you can create schedules for preventative maintenance too.

In other words, rest assured knowing regular equipment maintenance is always happening as and when it should be.

Safety Analytics provides insight into the driving behaviour and safety of your fleets.

It consists of an event viewer tool as well as reports, which display the behaviours generated by a vehicle or a driver.

Broken down by date and time, each event such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration and over speeding based on the posted speed of each road are visually displayed in the Safety Analytics event viewer.

What’s more, you can then dig deeper and replay each event exactly as it happened – this will included acceleration speed, time and location with pinpoint precision. One of our most popular features.

Eliminate hours of paperwork and track essential information as it happens with easy, accurate, automated compliance information. Our team of industry experts track driver hour regulations across the UK as they evolve, to help your business remain compliant.

With our Fatigue Management tachograph solution, you’re able to see everything through one lens, meaning you can maximise driving time, remain compliant and keep your drivers safe. What’s more, you’re also able to drill down to view more compliance data, such as next break requirements, time until next weekly rest, available extended drive and drive time for the day/week/fortnight – all allowing you to make quick decisions when allocating jobs.

Missing content?

Our Insights feature helps fleets go beyond tracking dots on a map, using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn real-time data into business intelligence that provides visibility into fleet operations.

Built into your TN360 dashboard, Insights offers instant access to the information you need to make important decisions about your business and your employees. What’s more, it uses natural language search, meaning you can ask your fleet management software a question just as you would a colleague, such as:

  • Show me fuel consumption by vehicle for the past 7 days
  • What is the average geofence duration this year by vehicle?
  • Show me speeding events last month by a driver

Once asked – Insights will display your answers instantly. It’s as easy as that.

Track and monitor every vehicle and asset in your company with quick-view dashboards that provide the most important data at a glance.

Our solution allows you to change the way you look at your fleet with a single click, touch or swipe. Get one-click access to productivity, safety, maintenance and workflow information with data lenses that focus on key measurements and save them to your dashboard screens.

Now, the most critical data points for your business are available in an instant, allowing you to quickly and efficiently pinpoint where changes need to be made.

We offer multiple types of connectivity from 4G cellular to GPS satellites, and we also pair with other business system through an open API.

With direct setup between Zappier and IFTTT, the capabilities of our fleet management solution skyrockets. Now, you can benefit from a completely seamless business operation, with automation taking place behind the scenes as you and your colleagues work with the data, rather than trawling through it.

With these custom integrations, your business can streamline processes around routing, maintenance planning, and job allocation. You can structure multiple systems into one, easy-to-view dashboard with the data that’s most important to you, connect effortlessly with multiple fleet management and workflow systems, including OEM telematics, and update your IT ecosystem to improve your organisation’s decision-making process.


These add-ons provide an even more robust solution


Our SmartJobs App is a flexible job management tool that’s embedded into TN360. It enables businesses to streamline processes by digitising job allocation and management for drivers and field engineers.

Essentially, SmartJobs is a driver-facing mobile app that allows drivers to receive daily run sheets, one off requests and stay on schedule with turn by turn navigation, clear job instructions and proof of delivery (signature and photo). The app also provides the office team real-time visibility into job status details and automates communication with customers, so your field team can focus on getting the job done in the most efficient and safe way possible.

Smartnav 570X543

SmartNav is a solution designed specifically for the transport industry and its requirements to keep trucks on route, at all times.

It works as a level of assurance that the driver is on track to destination, ensuring your business is always keeping fully compliance with any restrictions.

With SmartNav, you can guide your drivers to the destination safely using the clearly marked route with turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, select from a list of pre-created routes, automatically sync’d from Journey Planner and ensure payloads are safe and monitored, no matter what.

Journey Planner

Journey Planner is a powerful tool that allows users to create smarter, more specific routes for vehicles that include all scheduled stops and waypoints. Users can report on the planned trip time vs. the actual time the trip took.

It also integrates with the SmartNav app, providing drivers with turn-by-turn navigation to their destination following the specified route, meaning you can get instant notifications if a vehicle deviates from the set route, as well as run reports on actual journey time vs. planned and stops during the trip - particularly helpful in situations where you're transporting sensitive or valuable cargo.


Built specifically for companies and fleets on the go, EasyDocs provides access and visibility into the documents your team needs, whenever they need them.

EasyDocs allows users to manage their fleet and documents in one application, making it easy to distribute documents to drivers. For example, if you have a vehicle operator policy for vehicles of a certain class, you can update the document in TN360 EasyDocs and assign it to all vehicles of that class.

What’s more, it also enables you to send specific documents to drivers based on activity recorded within the app, such as sending a customer site safety checklist to a driver when they enter a customer site – an automation which wouldn’t be possible if your vehicle documents lived in different platforms.


Our Forms app enables you to digitise paper processes and ensure that key information is captured and instantly accessible.

The form builder is easy to use and you can create any form and deploy it to your team in minutes, meaning that when in the field, your team can access and complete documents via Forms, and be confident that they have submitted the required information. The types of forms customers use the application for include:

  • Job completion
  • Load collection
  • Customer invoices / customer documentation
  • Accidents and near misses
  • Vehicle maintenance and inspections
  • Insurance claim notifications
  • Plus many more.
Digital On Off Sensor 570X543

Sometimes referred to as GPIO or Connex, our digital sensors show alerts whenever an asset is switched on or off.

This tool does exactly what it says on the tin, which means it can be used for a wide variety of reasons by many industries. From seat belt monitoring and connecting panic buttons, to business/private settings and even monitoring of true engine idling, with one of the most common uses being its Power Take Off (PTO). This can be used to trigger general movement of an asset, such as a rubbish bin being opened or closed, or a road sweeper on or off.

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Software alone isn’t the answer; we're here to work with you. Our professional teams are on hand to help you with getting to grips with our system, whether that be added training, customer support, or simply to talk you through fleet set up and reporting. Any questions you may have about your fleet management software we'd be happy to help. 

Tn Trustpilot Rating Wide Tn Trustpilot Rating
Your Success 570X440

We trialled one or two products in the past but weren’t happy with the service. We decided to go with Teletrac Navman because of their driver ID feature and the user-friendly software.

- Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

The workforce has responded so well to our Managing Director’s challenge to improve driving standards and be more efficient with our fleet operations, that our fuel card supplier contacted us to ask whether something had happened within business!

- Petroassist UK

Teletrac Navman won us over with a flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing – I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made