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Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking software solutions

Today's vehicle tracking systems are much more than an eye in sky, and software, such as TN360, have been designed to provide insight into fleet activity and the impact that it has on operational performance.

How do vehicle tracking systems work?

They help connect every person in your fleet operation, digitally.

Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions harness data from telematics devices, sensors, cameras and even mobile apps, then crunch the numbers into a format which is easy to digest. TN360 comes equipped with customisable dashboards, extensive reporting and even natural language search, which means you can literally ask your fleet management platform a question, and you’ll get a response back in no time.

It's like having an extra person on the team, and since the data can be presented, analysed, and actioned so quickly, it saves so much admin time.

Understanding Business Insights

Turn your data into real business decisions.

Your vehicle tracking system is always on, detecting so much information about your operation that you want to make the most out of it, as quick as you can.

Powered by a powerful AI engine, the Insights features by TN360 is a game changer; offering you immediate access to the critical information you need, in order to make the right choices for your fleet operation.

The speed that this data is presented back to you is a firm favourite with our customers. There’s no time lost looking through reports, PDFs or spreadsheets. Need some data? Simply, ask Insights!

Built for You

Your environment changes, so our software moves with you.

Our vehicle tracking systems have been designed with our customers in mind. We understand that in order to bring the right teams together, keeping them connected is absolutely crucial, and it’s not always easy to do that with everyone in a different physical location.

That’s why with TN360, we offer an entire suite of mobile apps, all customisable to meet the exact needs of your business. Whilst they may be easy to use, you’re certainly not limited. All of the data, documents, forms or checklists you need to go about your fleet operations can all be accessed through our apps too. In other words, you can take your paper processes digital, straight to your phone or tablet, anywhere!

Key Features

How to optimise your fleet operation with the best vehicle tracking system


Real-time Location

Real-time location will always be key

Did you know that TN360 has the ability to show you a drone view of your vehicles? You’re able to track exact GPS location, time and speed of where your vehicles are at any given time, meaning you can make the best decisions for your business and your drivers.

Need to add an extra collection to a route? Aware of upcoming traffic on a busy motorway? Or perhaps you need a driver to nip back to the depot before the end of the day – the TN360 dashboard makes those actions easy to tick off.

Driver ID

Driver ID

Since TN360 allows you to view a complete historical record of not only your vehicles’ activity, but also your specific drivers too, it allows you to create the perfect customisable driver recognition programme too.

Monitor which drivers are always within the speed limits, cutting down on harsh cornering or even tailgating – being able to positively incentivise your drivers is a big plus, and allows you to build a safe driving culture across your entire fleet operation as well.

Vehicle Dispatch and Routing

Vehicle Dispatch and Routing

Another of our customers’ favourite TN360 features is SmartJobs – a mobile app which helps you make smarter, data-driven choices regarding which drivers you should dispatch to certain jobs, using the best routes.

Build daily job sheets in no time at all, straight from the SmartJobs app, then provide as much detail as you like! From turn-by-turn routing to help drivers get where they need to be, or even adding automation for customer communications by setting up text and email updates. You can even capture proof of delivery via signature or photo as well, ensuring you’re always offering the best and most reliable experience for your customers.

Maintenance Planning

Vehicle Maintenance

Having fleet and vehicle maintenance alerts sent straight to you means you can rest easy knowing you’re preventing disruption to your operation.

It keeps you ahead of the game, identifying any small issues today, which could become an even bigger issue in a weeks’ time.

With this data you can schedule your routine maintenance with plenty of notice, at intervals which work for you. You can also allow time for pre and post-trip vehicle inspections, which help to draw an accurate total cost of ownership for your assets too.

Business Insights

Business Insights

Our solution has been designed with one clear-cut goal in mind; to help you turn your fleet data into decisions.

Features such as natural language search mean you can quite literally ask questions directly to your software, much like you would in a Google search or even as if you were asking a colleague. It works by predicting and anticipating your search queries, meaning you can access the critical information you need in an instant.  

Plus, our reporting suite is so easy to customise, allowing you to build bespoke dashboards for your business. Or if you’d prefer, you can also make use of our pre-built reports which can be easily populated with your fleet data.

Unbeatable Hardware

How we connect your fleet to our vehicle tracking system

We use a range of hardware devices to fit your specific business needs.

Hardwired device

Capture critical information like vehicle location, trip miles, engine data.

Self-install device 

Monitor vehicle activity, manage workflow, get exception alerts and more.


Perfect for tracking non-powered assets like trailers, containers and generators.


Easily installed on non-powered assets that you need to track and manage.

The Benefits

Some of the many ways that your business can benefit from a vehicle tracking system

Fleet Productivity

It will save you so much time!

Get immediate insight into each vehicle's status, it's overall performance and more so that you can make better and more informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

Digitise Workflows

Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

You’d be able to track and monitor all of your vehicles with quick-view dashboards all in one easy to use platform, meaning there’d be no need to flick between different tabs or logins. Not to mention that TN360’s AI engine will automatically detect any abnormalities, so you can instantly optimise your operations, rather than manually trailing through data logs.

Having a vehicle tracking system allows you to change the way you look at your fleet with a single click, touch or swipe. It grants you one-click access to productivity, safety, maintenance and workflow information with data lenses that focus on key measurements, in less time than it would to find the file on your desktop.

It also means you can take a proactive approach to fleet management, as the AI technology itself learns from your reactions. It’s quick – really quick – so your data is always up to date with accurate, actionable insights in real time.

Driver Behaviour & Safety

It will protect your drivers.

Ultimately TN360 isn’t there to catch people out. It simply takes the immediate data and calculates its impact. It’s there to help businesses work smarter, save time and effort, whether that’s through highlighting irregularities in driver style or sudden harsh braking. After all, our drivers are the most important asset in the entire transport sector – it’s our duty to keep them safe.
With our solution, if an accident or safety incident occurs, you’ll know exactly what happened, how it happened and why it happened. We offer fully-integrated dashboard cameras and real-time alerts, which allow you to track and record risky or unsafe behaviours such as sharp cornering, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking in a clearly visualised dashboard.

Plus, knowing where your drivers are is as beneficial to drivers as it is to the business. Drivers who have been accused of speeding, causing accidents and reckless driving have all been able to prove it wasn’t them thanks to vehicle tracking. And if a driver is in danger, then knowing their location could literally be life-saving.

Compliance & Productivity

How compliance can mean productivity

With our solution, you can eliminate hours of paperwork and track essential information as it happens with easy, accurate, automated compliance information.

Our team of industry experts track driver hour regulations across the UK as they evolve, to help your business remain compliant. It’s this data we use to power our fleet management software, and particular compliance features such as our mobile apps, and Fatigue Management.

This allows you to see everything through one lens, meaning you can maximise driving time, remain compliant and keep your drivers safe.

What’s more, you’re also able to drill down to view more compliance data, such as next break requirements, time until next weekly rest, available extended drive and drive time for the day/week/fortnight – all allowing you to make quick decisions when allocating jobs.

Although, whilst this data is ultimately compliance focussed, it in turn helps your business to be the most productive it can be. From assigned jobs to drivers with more available drive time, to organising deliveries or pickups around rest breaks. Compliance doesn’t have to mean effort; it can also mean improvement.

Why choose Teletrac Navman?

A focus on bringing you insight into what matters most

At Teletrac Navman, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach things differently. Where most companies are focused on bringing you more data, we want to bring you the right data. We want to make it easier than ever to turn data into insight and insight into decisions.

We also design our technology to be future proof and provide a wide range of customisable mobile apps, the capability to tracking non-powered assets and software integrations.

Teletrac Navman’s solution has been so beneficial, we’ve now got 100% visibility of each vehicle, which has provided us with a full picture into the safety and performance of our fleet.

- Aggregate Industries

Teletrac Navman won us over with a flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing.

- Suez

We’ve already witnessed a 70% drop in speeding events just months after installation, so it certainly feels like we’ve achieved a great deal in a short space of time.

- One Manchester

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Frequently asked questions

What are vehicle tracking solutions? How does it all work? What does a system look like? Why is vehicle tracking important?

Get the answers to the most asked questions about vehicle tracking systems.

Vehicle tracking software should pay for itself quickly by providing insight into vehicle and fleet performance. ROI can be found in a number of areas, including fleet productivity, driver behaviour and safety, customer service, compliance and reducing administrative burdens.

This will depend largely on which type of GPS tracking devices you choose to use. Some are designed for self installation into a vehicles OBDII port and are also easy to move from one vehicle to another as needed. Others are hardwired into the electrical system on your vehicles, typically requiring professional installation.

This, too, will vary depending on a number of factors - including the size of your fleet and what your long-term goals for GPS vehicle tracking solutions happen to be. This is why, at Teletrac Navman, we prefer to first learn as much about your business as possible so that we can come up with the custom vehicle tracking system -  to meet your needs. 

Vehicle tracking software is an essential tool for today’s fleet managers, dispatchers, and business owners, allowing them to accurately track and manage the movements and details of an entire fleet in real-time. Business who implement the technology see improved driver safety, increases in business productivity and reductions in fuel spend. 

A vehicle tracking system uses both a hardware component and a software platform to monitor a wide range of information relating to an individual vehicle or asset within a fleet. The GPS tracking hardware collects the GPS coordinates of a vehicle alongside vehicle activity and the date and time, the activity took place. The telematics software gathers the data including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, and visualises this information on the fleet management software.

Yes. Advanced vehicle tracking solutions enable powered assets (such as construction equipment) and none powered assets (such as trailers) to be tracked and managed through the same platform.

Modern fleet management software incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly assist businesses spot and solve anomalies. Fleet management software can reduce manager workload, reduce company costs, improve vehicle and equipment efficiency, and improve customer relationships.