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Key Contact Details

If you want to contact Trackstar customer support, report a theft or obtain a police reference number, please follow the instructions below.

CAT 6:

Report the theft and obtain a Police Reference Number, call the Trackstar Control Centre: 
UK: (24hr) 0344 561 9990.
EUROPE: (24hr) +44 (0)1234 759502

CAT 5:

Please call the relevant number below if your vehicle is stolen, or if you have been contacted regarding an alarm from your vehicle’s tracking system.

0333 2070709
(STD Equivalent 01634 810124)

Aston Martin Tracking
0333 2070712
(STD Equivalent 01634 810125)

Jaguar/Landrover Watch
0333 2070714
(STD Equivalent 01634 810127)

For General Enquiries

Please call 0345 604 5433 or email support@eurowatchcentral.com