On demand reporting delivers expense claims to your desk

Take control of your mileage expenses process and record business mileage with accuracy

Automated Mileage Reporting

Scheduled reporting that will give you insight into business and private mileage. Calculate how much drivers will need to be reimbursed based on internal cost per mile policy. 

  • The information needed to help comply with HMRC rules
  • The power to decipher between business and private mileage
  • Tailored reports sent directly to you 

Private means private

Meet all your privacy needs with this simple solution. When set to private, vehicle location is no longer recorded, with only vehicle mileage being captured to enable accurate expense reporting.

  • Perfect for use across grey fleets.
  • ​Disables recording of vehicle location
  • Doesn’t impact mileage expense reporting    

Scheduled Reporting

Reports can be sent straight to your inbox at scheduled times to ensure that you stay on top of mileage claims and tasks are completed on time.

  • Set a date and time for report generation
  • Complete control 
  • Overview of mileage claims

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