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Fill your spare capacity with ease


More than just an Exchange:

Transport Exchange Group operates two of the UK’s largest freight exchanges, Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange with over 5,760 accredited members. The integration with Teletrac Navman (inclusive with your CX or HX subscription), enables Exchange members to connect jobs with vehicle location and dispatch work to drivers through a single application.

•    Work smarter with visibility of available capacity across your fleet
•    Cut down admin time by automatically matching available capacity with jobs posted on either Exchange
•    Improve profitability with less dead mileage
•    Manage backloads with ease
•    Reduce risk with our verified suppliers and a feedback system that provides you with security and confidence

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Expand your business

Members with integrated telematics typically get 40% more work & earn 25% more per mile, Courier and Haulage Exchange provide you with unrivalled opportunities. The only limit to your growth potential with the Courier or Haulage Exchange is the rate at which your business can keep up. Receive instant alerts when a posted load is available. 

•    Grow your network and build relationships with the biggest names in the industry
•    Reduce empty running with our automated backload management
•    Real-time load matching between members creating a huge network of vehicles

Seamless workflow

Assetminder - Fleet Maintenance


Optimise how work flows through your business by controlling load management through a single application. Increase job dispatch accuracy with full integration with the Teletrac Drive app and automatically share status updates with your Exchange partners.

•    Reduce communication costs and speed up workflow
•    Improve visibility with end to end supply chain information stream
•    Better customer service with automated update alerts for your customers including ETA’s
•    Streamline your business process with integrated job dispatch and messaging via the Drive app

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Transport Exchange help their member’s businesses to improve efficiency, gain new clients and forge long-lasting business relationships. Never lose sight of your freight again, get real-time vehicle & shipment updates, rate your carriers easily & manage your shipments easily. 

Together Teletrac Navman and Transport Exchange Group deliver industry leading transport solutions that enables instant mapping of vehicle locations and availability with posted loads enabling users to quickly and help fill spare capacity.

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