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Assetminder - Fleet Maintenance is the leading freight exchange in the UK for the road haulage industry. The integration with Teletrac Navman telematics enables members to find available loads easier and see where their vehicles and loads are at all times.

  • Find loads easier by matching vehicle location to available loads
  • Keep your customers informed with real-time location data
  • See your fleet and load updates all on the same map

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Fill Your Empty Vehicles

Match live loads with empty vehicle locations to maximise your available capacity and fill your vehicles on otherwise empty journeys. Instant freight alerts will notify you when a load is added that matches your vehicle type and location ensuring you never miss an opportunity to find relevant delivery jobs.

  • Over 90,000 UK loads every month
  • Eliminate empty running by finding suitable return loads
  • Utilise vehicle capacity and advertise empty journeys 

Grow Your Business


Take on more delivery work without the need to increase your fleet by utilising the resources available on Thousands of independent drivers and hauliers use our freight exchange every day to find loads making it the perfect place to sub-contract out any excess loads helping you grow your business.

  • Build relationships with a network of owners, forwarders and operators
  • Review member feedback before allocating loads
  • Never turn away a delivery job again 

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Established in 2000, have since grown to become the first choice freight exchange for the haulage industry. With over 2,000 members, including some of the biggest names in the industry, using to find loads and sub-contract their haulage work.

The integration with Teletrac Navman enables members to see their vehicle fleet and live loads in real-time on the same map, making it quicker and easier for them to utilise available vehicle capacity.

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