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MCS Telematics Hub: Putting telematics at the heart of your rental operation


About MCS

MCS Rental Software has been creating ERP software solutions for the equipment rental market for over 35 years. MCS uses innovative technology to improve the performance of rental companies to support them in meeting their business goals. Its award winning ‘MCS Telematics Hub’ helps equipment rental businesses harness the true value of any telematics system and additional tracker solutions all in one convenient place. The hub presents the data directly to fleet operators within the company’s operational MCS-rm rental management software, within other ERP solutions or as a standalone cloud solution.

•    Centralises telematics data from all providers in your fleet.
•    Provides the context of the rental agreement, customer and site.
•    Easy to configure and implement
•    Easily push data to your other solutions

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Pinpoint Equipment

Easily find your rental equipment on sites without an addressable location such as on a motorway, in a field or on a brand new construction site directly from your rental management software. Fast access and turnaround of equipment collections, servicing and onsite repairs. The integration between Teletrac Navman and MCS further enhances this offering, combining pinpoint locations with accurate telematics data. 

•    Quick, accurate GPS locations for field service teams
•    Reduce timewasting and minimise fuel consumption
•    Improve customer service

Increase Revenue

Be able to easily access and invoice for actual equipment usage in your operational rental solution to prove when equipment has been used outside of agreed operating hours, such as weekends or bank holidays.

•    Easily discover unauthorised equipment usage
•    More accurate billing
•    Ensures customer accountability

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The integration with Teletrac Navman enhances the technology by connecting real time location and tracking data into MCS’ award winning Telematics Hub which collates data from all fleet telematics, including OEM.

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