FleetWizard - Teletrac Navman

Working together to offer a one-stop solution for fleet professionals

FleetWizard and Teletrac Navman

About FleetWizard

FleetWizard supply innovative software solutions for all aspects of the transport management life cycle. When combined with Teletrac Navman, a comprehensive one-stop solution can be achieved. 

Comprising of 3 main components, the FleetWizard product suite offers a comprehensive “order to invoice” Transport Management System, Cost Optimised Routing and Scheduling software and an ePOD mobile working application.

  • Product based solutions requiring minimal add-ons
  • Cost effective results for clients
  • Responsive support, before, during and post-implementation


FleetWizard’s automated planning tool, CORAS optimally creates trips and assigns resources in a fraction of the time of a manual planning process. 

CORAS is highly flexible and configurable to accommodate operational requirements. All routes adhere to time and location constraints so your business can always plan to succeed.

  • Can be implemented in a matter of days
  • Shows planned profit / loss before execution
  • Monthly fee covers support, training and back-ups

Mobile App - ePOD

A workflow driven mobile app enables you to execute your transport plans in the field and capture real time information such as POD’s, exceptions, signatures, accidents, with daily vehicle walk-round check as standard. 

With this tool, you can proactively monitor your fleet activity without being physically on site. 

  • Configurable workflow 
  • Links to all other FleetWizard components
  • Simple and intuitive to use

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With variants designed and configured for specific industry verticals fleet operators can deploy a solution that delivers improvements to customer service and efficiency. Then, when integrated with Teletrac Navman, businesses can benefit from a one-stop telematics and fleet management solution. 

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