DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software

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DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software




DIRECTOR is the fleet management software providing visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity for more than 40,000 business around the world.
DIRECTOR helps these businesses mange over 500,000 assets every day, and enable them to increase productivity, improve safety and reduce operating costs.


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Fleet Visibility


DIRECTOR allows you to monitor your fleet from anywhere on the planet in real time. It incorporates location tracking, as well as fuel usage monitoring and maintenance record management. With Director, you can verify mobile workforce activities while you’re on the go, with the minimum of hassle.

  • Instantly track vehicles and equipment with vehicle mapping
  • Get quick, reliable and auditable communication
  • Automate compliance and dispatching with connected workflow

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Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety

Create a safer environment for your drivers and earn your firm savings on its insurance premiums with the comprehensive range of fleet safety solutions from Teletrac Navman  DIRECTOR. The software comes with a variety of fleet safety features, including:

  • Driver scorecards to help visualise driving trends and share driver performance reports
  • An event viewer which allows you to view unsafe driving incidents in real time, and with second-by-second replays
  • In-vehicle notifications, so you can take training on the road with driver training aids

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Driver Scorecard & Reporting

Driver Scorecard

Driver Scorecards & Reporting

Review fleet wide safety performance, drill down to view individual driver scorecards and identify your highest risk drivers. Easily communicate performance trends across your team and create improvement plans that will have a tangible impact on reducing risk.

  • Instantly create driver scorecards for high impact debriefs
  • Build dashboards around your safety KPI’s
  • Get reports on driver events, posted speed violations and build customised league tables

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Fleet Safety


Form messages provide the step-by-step instructions necessary for complex jobs. They can contain job numbers, addresses, and customer names, as well as fields for drivers to complete. Form messages can integrate with back-end systems to reflect needs outside of dispatching, including vehicle inspections and time carding. Potential uses for form messages are:

  • Capturing signatures for proof of delivery
  • Job invoices
  • Record-keeping for completed work

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Reporting and Analytics

Fleet Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

With DIRECTOR from Teletrac Navman, you can access information securely thanks to its customisable dashboards, reports and real-time alerts. DIRECTOR brings fleet management to life through the use of simple tools enabling you to visualise your fleet’s performance in the way that works best for you. Director’s array of reporting and analytics tools includes:

  • Dynamic dashboard, so you can track your fleet’s most critical KPIs.
  • Automated reports, allowing you to visualise the data you want and set specific goals.
  • Customisable alerts, enabling you to react quickly to unexpected situations.

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Start your journey with Teletrac Navman by scheduling a demo with one of our experts. Teletrac Navman is trusted by more than 40,000 businesses worldwide, providing fleet management solutions that increase efficiency, boost profitability and simplify regulatory compliance. Get in touch and learn about:

  • Reduce fuel costs and improve your fuel tax rebates
  • Monitor and track the status of your mobile assets
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with real-time insights into your business


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