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Stolen Vehicle Tracking from Trackstar

Protect your vehicles against theft

Pan European Coverage

Trackstar works with the authorities to quickly recover a stolen vehicle from anywhere in Europe - so you can keep your business moving. Our solutions function 24/7, notifying you when a vehicle moves without the use of its keys, providing the authorities with location to recover your vehicle. 

Quality by Design

All of our products meet the British insurance industry quality accreditation standard (Thatcham), and our partnerships with leading motor manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover have been built on the on-going quality and reliability of the Trackstar product range.


Stolen Vehicle Tracking from Trackstar gives you the peace of mind and security needed to protect your vehicles against theft. There's a few options, so take a look and find the right solution for you.

To speak to our team, call 0345 604 5433 or email trackstarsupport@trafficmaster.co.uk.

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